21 Nov 2012

Krinner ground screws provide ideal solution for roadside signage de-cluttering

Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin has exposed roadside signage in the UK countryside as cluttered, with excessive and “pointless” signs sprouting “like weeds”.

Mr McLoughlin said the problem is not just aesthetics, but the unnecessary signs create confusion and can be dangerous for drivers as well.

Krinner ground screws are an ideal solution to address the roadside signage clutter problem, as they are completely and easily removable, allowing for fast relocation and rotation of signs. The krinner ground screws are ideal for all sign installations, including passively safe installations and speed indication device programmes.

Used successfully on the UK network since 2006, krinner ground screws are safe, reliable and sustainable, as well as being much quicker to install than traditional concreting methods. A typical single sign installation using krinner ground screws can be completed in one shift – within 20 minutes of arriving on site.

In addition, both installation and removal have minimum impact on the landscape, as well as creating no spoil, waste or landfill.

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