Timber Construction

Krinner ground screw is the ideal ground foundation for timber construction. The land remains unspoilt and the installation process requires minimal activity. This means that the construction process can be effectively planned.


Example applications for the ground screw in timber construction include:

  • Wooden lodges, cabins and houses
  • Stables and paddocks
  • Kennels
  • Wood terraces
  • Decking and walkways
  • Piers and bridges
  • Timber-framed buildings, such as halls and hospitals.

Using krinner ground screws for timber construction ensures a safe, fast and cost effective construction programme. The krinner ground screw foundations provide an efficient design and build construction process, as the reduced site activity enables a programme that is easy to plan and manage.

Ground screw benefits in timber construction:

  • Concrete free: no excavation, no wet trades
  • Quick and easy to install, as well as safe and uncomplicated
  • Low impact, vibration free process
  • Suitable for use around tree root structures without causing damage
  • Quality material, galvanised to ISO1461 (UK and European standard), ensuring¬† reduced corrosion and improving product life
  • Made from 75-80 per cent recycled steel
  • Suitable for both granular and cohesive soil types
  • Structurally tested and certified to stringent guidelines
  • Completely and easily removable, with minimum impact to the landscape.