Ground Mounted Solar PV Installation

Case Study: 4.1MWp ground mounted solar photovoltaic installation using krinner ground screws


  • Client: British Gas
  • Partner: JPCS
  • Location: Toyota Plant, Derby
  • Date: 10th May 2011 – 8th June 2011
  • Project size: 4.1MWp ground mounted solar pv farm
  • Ground screws used: 6000
  • FLEXIII Framing: 8.65km
  • Modules: 16,800
  • Trenching: 1,600 metres


To build the largest ground mounted solar array in the UK at the time, using an innovative approach that delivered quality and timescale efficiencies.


  • JPCS and Krinner expertise, together with ground screws and FLEXIII® systems were used to install the foundations and panels frames, on time, on budget and with exceptional quality outputs
  •  A project that would have taken 12 weeks to complete was carried out in just 4 weeks, using an average of 24 skilled operatives.

“We chose JPCS as our partner for these projects because they demonstrated strong technical knowledge and a sound approach to project planning.” — British Gas