Infrastructure: Highways and Rail

Krinner ground screws provide a number of advantages over traditional concrete foundations, including:

  • No digging, excavation, or concrete
  • Safe, quick, and easy to install
  • Low impact, vibration free process, reducing noise for local residents  and the public
  • Quality material, galvanised to ISO1461 (UK and European standard), ensuring  reduced corrosion and improving product life
  • Structurally tested and certified to stringent guidelines, including ISO1461 standard
  • Completely and easily removable – used on SID programmes to rotate safety information signs
  • Used on asphalt and paved areas, as well as green areas.

Krinner ground screws uk are the ideal foundation for highways and rail applications.

Highways and road traffic

Krinner ground screws uk are widely used on the highway for safely securing all types of carriageway, footway, cycleway, and rail signs as well as street and railway furniture such as benches and barriers.  The krinner ground screw is ideal for the highways and rail environment as it is quick and safe to install, minimising risk and traffic management. The ground screw foundation can be used for a wide range of highway and road traffic purposes, including:

Ground screw provides highway signs suppliers, highway engineers and contractors an ideal installation method for road signage requirements. There are a range of Krinner ground screws to suit the variety of road sign posts and masts. In addition, installation time is unbeatable, on average seven times quicker than traditional concrete installations.

The krinner ground screws uk are approved for use with passively safe supports and accepted by the Highways Agency for use on motorways and trunk roads.

Rail applications

The ground screw foundation is also used trackside and off-track in platforms, car parks, bridges, tickets (turnstils) and holds Form A and Form B approval.

Trackside applications include:

  • LOC Cabinet Bases
  • Line Side Refuges
  • Modular Platform Extensions
  • Lightweight LCD Hinged Signal Posts
  • REB Cabin Bases
  • Axel Counters
  • Cable Support Posts
  • Elevated Trenching Support.

Off-track applications include:

  • Handrails
  • Benches
  • Signs
  • Luminaries.

Ground screw installations are a fast, reliable solution for all rail requirements. A single ground screw can replace one cubic metre of concrete. As an example, a complete set of refuges could be erected in one shift, significantly reducing possession time.