Solar Panels

krinner ground screws

Case Study: a 50kWp solar PV array in challenging conditions using krinner ground screws


The krinner ground screws were used to install a 50kWp solar PV array in challenging conditions.

  • Client: Microgeneration for Robin Hanbury-Tenison
  • Partner: JPCS
  • Location: Cabilla Manor, Bodmin
  • Date: 16th August 2011 – 19th August 2011
  • Project size: 50kWp
  • Krinner ground screws used: 88
  • FLEXIII Framing: 110m
  • Modules: 212
  • Trenching: Completed by the landowner


The solar pv arrays needed be installed on a 10° sloping field in which we encountered large granite boulders.


Our solar pv installation team dug the system neatly into the slope of the field to keep the panel heights successfully within the planning approval.

“The krinner ground screws system installed for my 50kW field mounted PV array has been impressive. Both the speed and accuracy of the actual installation and the efficiency and steadiness of the system, now that the PV panels have been attached, are outstanding. I cannot recommend them enough as the best way to go.” – Robin Hanbury-Tenison (author and explorer)