Welcome to Krinner UK - the nationwide supplier of krinner ground screws uk. Krinner UK supplies the innovative German engineered ground screw product, both on a supply only or on a supply and installation basis, through its associated krinner ground screw uk installer, JPCS. Here you will find out about the many ground screw applications and its success as an innovative ground screw foundation. If you would like further information about krinner ground screws, please contact us.

About Groundscrew

The krinner ground screw is a quicker, more efficient, and sustainable alternative to concrete foundations. With highly specialist krinner ground screw products, Krinner UK provides ground screw foundations for a range of construction and civil engineering projects, as well as ground mounted systems for renewable energy. The ground screw is installed using a number of different screwing aids and machines and is driven into the ground at the exact point in a matter of minutes - no digging, no excavating, no concreting. Read more

Groundscrew Applications

The krinner ground screw is used as a modern foundation for many applications, including traffic signs, carports, advertising boards, fencing, solar farms, and timber construction. The ground screw foundation is used to secure almost anything into the ground - it can even be used under water! It is suitable for natural ground as well as dense and tarred surfaces. The krinner ground screw provides a durable, robust and sustainable ground engineering foundation solution. Read more

Krinner UK News

Read the latest news on krinner ground screws uk, including innovative ground screw products, applications, and case studies. Find out how Krinner UK is helping to sustain the environment with concrete free ground screw foundations.

Ground screw vs concrete

The Krinner ground screw is an innovative alternative to concrete foundations. This infographic by Krinner UK’s installation partner JPCS, illustrates the difference between using our ground screw foundation and the use of concrete across a variety of applications.

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