31 Oct 2012

Innovative ground screw makes significant contribution to renewable energy in the UK

4.1MWp solar farm with ground screw foundation

The innovative Krinner ground screw has made a significant contribution to renewable energy in the UK since 2011, with almost 20MWp of energy generated through ground mounted solar, built on the sustainable ground screw foundation.

Over 22,000 ground screw foundations have been used to support in excess of 70,000 solar pv modules across numerous projects in the UK over the last 22 months, equating to around 1,000 ground screws and approximately 1MWp of energy per month.

A concrete-free alternative to traditional foundations, the 80% recycled ground screw has strong environmental credentials, as well as delivering unbeatable construction times. For example a project envisaged to take 12 weeks to build when using concrete foundations, can be completed in just 4 weeks.

The Krinner ground screw was also used to build two of the UK’s largest solar farms, including a 5MWp site in Hampshire and a 4.1MWp scheme at the Toyota plant in Derby.

As well as providing foundations for renewable energy technologies, the Krinner ground screw is also used as foundation for many applications, including highways and rail in the UK.