20 Jun 2012

Krinner ground screws World Alliance Meeting brings together world partners

The fourth Krinner World Alliance Meeting took place in  Germany in early June, bringing together krinner ground screw partners from all over the world.

Held over three days in early June, the conference provided an opportunity for Krinner partners worldwide to meet and share best practice about the krinner ground screw. As well as an overview from Mr Sauter, Krinner’s CEO, of the Krinner organisation and a range of  presentations – including Krinner UK’s installation partner JPCS – delegates also took a cruise down the Danube into Austria!

Some of the presentations and issues discussed included:

  • Technical descriptions of use of trusses to deal with bending moment loads. This is particularly relevant for tracking concentrated solar arrays
  • Introduction of a new software package which measures and records installation torque for screws. This also allows the data to be downloaded and analysed in Excel or visualised in graph form
  • A new KRM measuring, pre-drilling and screw installation tracked robot. The robot is a great innovation and can be operated without a driver!
  • Introduction of a hydraulic hammer rig for spiking hard ground up to 1.7m deep, solving some of the associated issues
  • Unveiling of a new ground screw for road signs – the E-series. This new ground screw provides a single installation interface for multiple screw head configurations, which enables various diameters of circular post, various sizes of rectangular post, and bespoke post cross-sections
  • An outline of Krinner’s internal programme, “Foundation For the Future”
  • A demonstration of machines and techniques, including the spiking rig (pictured above) and the KRM robotic rig, on Krinner’s demo park.

Another highlight was the importance of communication and collaboration amongst kirnner ground screw world partners and the role of social media. Krinner ground screws uk’s social media management – with Twitter feeds in particular – was held up as a model for good practice!

Peter Shone, managing director of Krinner UK’s installation partner JPCS, said: “It was a pleasure and a privilege to attend the Krinner World Alliance Meeting. It was great to see such excellent representation from all the world partners – a good opportunity to share best practice between partners who are using Krinner products in a variety of applications.”

Krinner UK supplies the innovative ground screw product, both on a supply only or on a supply and installation basis. An alternative to traditional concrete foundations,  krinner ground screws have a wide range of applications and benefits.